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How To Properly Use Heat Before And During Penis Stretching For Maximum Gains:

The proper use of a heat warm up is critical to your penis stretching endeavers. Applying heat is a key step to penis lengthening success and will also help prevent any injury. Also important at the end of your stretching session is a cooldown.

Just to impress apon you the importance of heat in ligament and tissue expansion, try this little demonstartion. First thing in the morning, bend over and try to touch your toes. remember how far you get. Now, afetr a hot shower or some vigorous physical activity that really gets your blood flowing, try touching your toes again. You very likely were able to get a lot further in your stretch! this is why heat is important.

The Heat Warmup

Before each stretching session, no matter which technique you are using, start by applying heat to your penis for a few minutes. Using a cloth soaked in hot water or a microwave heating pad work well. Or even better stretch after a hot shower or bath.

You should repeat applying heat every 10 to 15 minutes during your stretching workout. This will keep the tissues in your penis relaxed and increase blood flow. Also you should be in a warm room while working out or at least have a space heater to keep the area warm.

The Cooldown To Cement Gains:

The cool down at the end of a stretching session is also important. Towards the end of your stretching workout you should let your penis cool down while still wearing the stretching device. This will allows the penile tissues to cool and cement in place while in the stretched position.




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