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Overview Of The Penis Stretching Methods You'll Use To Increase Penile Size

The two main stretching methods you will have to choose from are manual stretching using just the hand to create the pull, and extender devices that use a constant traction to lengthen your penis. Both methods will work, but in different ways. Here are some pros and cons to consider with each method.

Doing Penis Stretching Exercises:

One of the best things about stretching your penis with hand exercises is that there's no devices to buy and build. All the tools you need are your hands.

And there's another advantage to consider. Because the amount of force used is very intense for short periods, you can often gain at least a half inch within just a few day to weeks of consistent effort. So manual exercises often lead to fast gains. However, there are also some cons to consider.

Because you can't use your hands to exert a traction force all day long, these exercises involve very intense but short traction pulls. While you can get small gains very fast, the hard pulling will strengthen the ligaments very quickly and limit long term growth. So while initially you gain size fast, your gains will levels off and slow quickly.

Another possible con for some men is the physical exertion necessary for manual exercises to work. You will need to use a lot of strength during a stretching routine. You might start sweating! So if hard work bothers you this method is not for you.

Using Penis Stretching Devices:

There is no doubt about it. Using a good extender device is the best way to gain the maximum length possible to your penis. It's really simple math. You wear your stretching device X amount of hours and you get Y amount of gains. Your success depends entirely on how much you use the device!

The extender uses traction to increase length. The traction is increased as needed until your goal is reached. Because it is a slow and steady force used, the penile ligaments do not toughen up and resist growth as with manual exercises.

The penis extender's effectiveness is backed up by several medical research studies. Each study resulted in men gaining from 1 1/2 to over three inches in penile length. That's over 50% increase in size for many men!

But as with all things there are some downsides also. You must wear the extender device for long hours to get the huge length gains you likely want.

So to sum it up, for easy and quick gains up to a half inch or maybe more use manual exercises. If you want to substantially increase your penis length a penis extender traction device is the best choice.

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