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Manual Penis Pull Hand Stretching Exercise:

You don't need surgery to lengthen the ligaments attaching the penis to the pubic bone. The manual penis pull exercise will help you achieve a longer penis without cutting and mutilating your penis. It targets and lengthens both the suspensory ligaments and the tunica for a longer penis.

Manual Penis Pull Exercise:

This exercise will help lengthen your penis and stretch the ligaments attaching penis to pubic bone. You should be about half erect for this exercise as a partially engorged penis is more pliable and easier to work.

Penis Pull Steps:

  • Encircle your penis with thumb and first finger behind the head.
  • Pull at a downward angle for a count of 30.
  • After the 30 count grab your penis at the base and shake quickly 20 or 30 times to relax it.
  • Repeat this sequence pulling to the right, left and then straight out.
  • Repeat the sequence of pulls.

When first starting the amount of pulling pressure should be light. Increase pressure as you advance so that after a few weeks you are straining with exertion to get a good stretch (but not to the point of pain).

A good way to get extra leverage as you advance is to sit in a chair and grab your penis with thumb and first finger. With the other three fingers grab the end of the chair and pull. You can get a great stretch this way!

The manual penis pull is an excellent way to add length. And combined with the next penis lengthening exercise you are sure to get some quick gains. For the next exercise click here.

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