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The Suspensory Ligaments Pushdown Exercise For Maximum Stretching:

This technique gives an incredible and focused stretch to the ligaments that suspend the penis from the pubic bone. You can get a powerful stretch just using this technique in the shower every day. The hot water will aid in achieving maximum lengthening!

Ligament Pushdown Exercise:

Make sure to warm up your penis before proceeding with any exercise.

Soft: While you have your penis pulled straight out, use the thumb of your free hand to press down and out on the ligaments at the very base of your penis on top. Be very careful not to apply too much pressure and injure yourself.

You can use this exercise alone whenever you take a shower or are alone. It is also great to combine with the manual penis pull. Just use the pushdown between sets.

Hard: First you must achieve a full erection. Next while fully erect grasp your penis around the shaft and push it down as far as possible without hurting yourself. You are pushing down at the base from the top where the shaft meets the pubic bone, not pulling from the penile glands.

Next you want to push down and release very quickly with force for about twenty reps. This is a quick push-release, push-release type movement that is really a series of downward jerks.

After twenty pushes apply a constant pushing force with no release in pressure for a count of 30. Release the pressure and shake your penis to release tension. Repeat this exercise to the left and right sides. You will need to regain an erection first.

This exercise should be combined with the manual penis stretch for a effective workout. The combination works great together and it's possible to get up to an inch of extra length to your penis.

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